Olivet Cemetery - Moorefield, West Virginia

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Cremation Garden and Columbarium

Olivet Cemetery is developing a Cremation Garden that will be located East of the Veterans' Memorial.

This Cremation Garden will include a Columbarium, which is an above-ground vault with niches, which provide a safe and secure final resting place for cremated remains. The Columbarium will consist of multiple vaults. Each vault will contain 24 niches, four high and six across.



The construction of the Columbarium will commence this summer and the niches are available for purchase now. This will include a free open/closing  fee. This will expire on October 24th and the open/closing fee of $125 will be added.

Prices are as follow:

                          Niche                         Engraved front             

Top Row           $1134.00                       $250.00

Row Two            1084.00                         250.00

Row Three         1084.00                         250.00

Bottom Row         984.00                         250.00  

Cremation Garden: 

​The Columbarium will be located within a cremation garden which will feature a memorial walkway paved with 4"x8" and 8"x8" memorial bricks. ​The bricks are part of a fundraising campaign for the cemetery.

​The 4"x8" brick will allow three lines of text. A 8"x8" brick will allow six lines of text. There will also be a more decorative 8"x8" brick which will allow three lines of text and engraved artwork.

​Prices are as follows:

4"x4"                            $60.00

8"x8"                            110.00

Decorative 8"x8"         150.00


For more information about the Columbarium and Memorial Brick walkway, please call Olivet Cemetery at 304-530-3786 or use the convenient form below.

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